Form+Function: Entryway organization

When I saw this idea on Martha Stewart’s website last week, I knew it was the perfect solution to the key and mail clutter that sits on our entryway table.


Isn’t it a great idea? Now we never have to lose our keys or figure out where we put our mail again. So I went on a mailbox hunt…it’s surprisingly hard to find a white metal mailbox with magazine hooks. There were a lot of brass and black ones, but no white. So I bought this one…


for 15% off at Menards with the intention of spray painting it white as soon as it gets warm enough outside. I think it will look superb in our entryway. Anyone else come up with unique organization ideas to keep your life less cluttered? I’m sure to save at least 5 minutes a day that I used to spend looking for my¬†keys or the water bill…