Ode to Cassie

Dear Cassie,

From the very beginning, you have been an angel. Sure, you had your moments…chewing a hole in the wall, running off and eating the neighbor’s garden, tearing open your dog food bag and eating half of it…


But much more than that, you’ve been a true companion and friend.


Your fur had truly magical properties. It managed to find a way to stick to everything in sight, and just when we thought we’d cleaned it all up, we’d find more. It was so thick and warm that you would be outside in 20 degree weather, eating snow and panting.


Everyone that met you loved you. You had the whole neighborhood smitten in your first week home in Missouri, and you did the same to your new neighborhood in Indy.


It took you a little while to warm up to Yoshi and even longer to warm up to Penelope, but they adored you from the very start.


How could they not? You were so very lovable.


We will miss you more than words can express.


Amy, Chris, Yoshi, and Penelope

Cassidy Grace Roth Vincent (December 10, 1998- January 18, 2011)



I don’t know how cold it is where you are at, but here in the Hoosier state it is COLD!

*Side note: does anyone else think it’s funny that Indiana is called the Hoosier state? And that they are proud of it?! Chris and I laughed every time we heard someone call themselves a Hoosier for the first several months we lived here. Ridiculous!

Anyway, we installed a programmable thermostat right after Christmas to help save on heating costs. Now it’s a little bit warmer (we still keep it at 65, people) when we get home, while it can stay ice-age cold – just above pipe freezing temps- during the day. Global warming, where did you go?!

Life has just gotten colder since we started our bathroom reno. We reglazed our toilet Monday night and have had to stay out of our bedroom this week due to the massive amount of fumes the glaze lets off while it dries, even with the exhaust fan running and the bathroom door closed. So we have been sleeping in one of the guest bedrooms with fewer covers and our heads by the window, brrr! So, whenever I want to feel warmer, I look at this:


I only look because I can’t buy. We’re talking major buck-os here. But even looking helps. Doesn’t it look soooo warm and cozy?! Even this throw looks amazing.


Who would need a snuggie when you have that? Maybe I should take up knitting. And come across 100 skeins of free, soft, white yarn…


Mmmmm. Makes me want to cuddle up and read a book by our (non-existent) fireplace.  Maybe next year we will have a real fireplace, then I really will be warmer.

But for now, I’ll just use Yoshi. He’s just as snuggly as a cable knit throw, and definitely lets off as much heat as a fireplace.


Plus, he matches our new carpet perfectly. Anyone else plan their decor around their pets? Just kidding! Not THAT obsessed….yet…

*Images found here and here.

Meet Yoshi

It’s all Yoshi’s fault. He did it to us. He turned us into…dog people. Like, crazy dog people. I blame him.

It all started in May 2008 when we moved from Missouri to Indiana. Being new in town, we hadn’t found a church yet, hadn’t made any real friends or gotten involved anywhere. We were just a couple of married kids fresh outta college and bored out of our minds.

Enter: puppy fever.


It was just supposed to be something to pass the time. A little puppy to care for, play with…

We originally wanted a Great Dane, but that wasn’t going to work so well in our tiny apartment. I looked up different small dog breeds and quickly fell in love with the Yorkie/Bichon mix.

or Borkie.

or Yo-chon.

A couple weeks later I “casually” ran across (I mean, it’s not like I was searching online for nearby Borkie’s every two hours..right?) this little guy. Of course, Chris bargained down his price by $50. Hey, it never hurts to ask! And little Yoshi came home with us, all sweet and timid-like.

Huh? Sweet and timid-like? Oh yeah, that side of him only lasted for about 12 hours.

Our little puppy was only supposed to get to 7 lbs, but he kept growing, and growing, and growing….to a whopping 15 lbs. And he’s buff. Yeah, he’s got some thunder thighs and a six-pack. You just can’t see it behind all that fur!


And that’s how it all began. He would say that it’s nice to meet you, but he doesn’t like to meet new people. You’ll have to win him over – I suggest using chicken, or cheese, or a squeaky toy.