The Favorite Baby Things Post

I wasn’t sure where to pick back up after such a long absence…so I decided to start with something completely unrelated. My favorite baby gear. So here goes!

Also, this is going to be a long post. Brace yourselves…

Angelcare Movement Monitor

This monitor is the sole reason I get any sleep at night. It detects the slightest movement and will send off an alarm if the movement stops (ie: he stops breathing).  Kael sleeps like a rock and I love being able to look at the monitor and see that he is still ok. Plus, it has fancy features like showing you the temperature in the nursery! They even have a new one that has video as well, which I hear is super helpful for the toddler stage when they are constantly getting out of bed.



I don’t use this at all anymore but this was invaluable the first couple of months. Breastfeeding is hard enough to figure out without having to use one arm to hold the baby in the right position as well!

Seventh Generation disposable diapers

We occasionally use disposables- like when we go out of town or when a babysitter will have to change his diaper. Kael blows out of every brand besides this one. More importantly, they don’t have the chemicals that normal disposables have from the chlorine bleaching process. Love love love these!

Munchkin Changing Kit

Almost every time we leave the house, Kael lets a big one loose. And always at the most inconvenient time and place! Rather than lugging my GIANT diaper bag to a place I can change him, I just grab this out of the bag. It has diapers, wipes, baggies, a changing pad, and even an extra outfit…all compacted into a little carrying case. So much easier!



Um, it gives you two free hands. And no back pain. And the baby doesn’t take up 3/4 of the grocery cart in his car seat. ‘Nough said.

Breathable Baby bumper

I refused to put a bumper on Kael’s crib for quite a while. But Kael is very mobile in his crib and always has been from birth. He would work himself into the side of the crib and would wake up crying with an arm and a leg sticking through the rails each night. Then, one night, he woke up with a leg going out through one rail and his foot stuck going back in the crib through another rail. Enough was enough! This bumper is awesome because he can smash his face up against it and still breathe, but he no longer gets stuck in the rails. And let me tell you, I find him with his face smashed up against the bumper quite often!

IKEA Poang chair

I knew before I got pregnant that when I had a baby I wanted a Poang chair for the nursery. Not only is it super comfortable, but Kael really likes the short rocking motion of it. Plus, the armrests are really low on it which is perfect for nursing. Anyone who has used a conventional rocker/glider for nursing knows that it’s a struggle to get the baby’s head to not bang on the armrests constantly!


Cloth diapers/wipes

Love love love cloth diapering! Of course price plays a factor but I also much prefer using cloth to disposable. We use Bummis prefolds with Snappis and Wonder Wraps one-size covers (which are now discontinued, but they were made by GroVia, so their new covers I think should be similar). When we leave the house, I put him in BumGenius Elemental diapers, which are one-size all-in-one diapers- essentially the cloth version of disposables! I love these but I find that they don’t hold quite as much and blow out easier than prefolds (which never blow out using a bikini twist or fan fold). But I do love their convenience and they are still a TON more effective at holding stuff in than disposables. Kael blows out of almost all disposables but 99% of the time cloth diapers will keep it all in. I also don’t like how drying disposables are. I would often change Kael just to find his skin stuck to the mesh of the disposable diaper from wicking all the moisture off his skin. Plus, almost all diaper rashes are from the chemicals in disposable diapers, not from being wet too long. Kael has only had a couple diaper rashes and those were from overnight diapers that stayed wet WAY too long. Which leads me to the next thing…

Fleece liners

When Kael started sleeping longer overnight, we started having issues with how long his wet diapers stayed on his skin. They never leaked, but one morning he woke up with a beast of a diaper rash. I knew you could buy fleece liners to wick the moisture off of the baby’s skin and into the diaper, so I ordered the Bummis fleece liners…just to find that they were way too narrow to use with prefolds and he would still get rashy on the skin around what the liner covered. So, I went to JoAnns, found a big piece of scrap fleece for $1.50, and made 9 huge liners out of it! With one of these on every night over his prefold, we haven’t had another rash issue since.

Burts Bee’s diaper ointment

When Kael did get a diaper rash, this stuff cleared it in a day. It’s 100% natural and it rocks my socks off.

SwaddleMe swaddlers

We tried to swaddle Kael but on night #2 he was having none of this arm restriction stuff. We got quite a few of these swaddlers for showers, so I still used them, I just wrapped the swaddling part around his body under his arms. I found that I really like using these and I still use them every night as a wearable blanket. Now I don’t have to worry about a loose blanket in his crib! Not only do loose blankets constantly come off with all his wiggling, but they pose a risk for suffocation. Plus, since he wears some sort of sleeper or onesie under his swaddler every night, the swaddler itself doesn’t get dirty and can be reused quite a few times before being washed. I like these more than the sleepsacks for this fact, as well as being able to dress him cooler and not have the long sleeves during the summer.

Bath towels

Not a baby item, but if you have a baby that spits up like mine does, it’s a must. Burp cloths just don’t cut it…

bath towels 2

Foam bath

This bath works as a stand alone in a sink or bathtub or can be used inside of an infant/toddler bath. We use ours as an insert and it worked great when he was a newborn to keep his head steady and keep him high enough out of the water that his face wouldn’t get in the water. It also compacts very small and is great to take traveling to use for bathing in a normal bathtub.

I’m sure I missed a million things, so I might have to do a second post sometime in the future. Hope this helps any new moms out there!