Shootin’ Pretty

We have a new member of the famiy! No, nothing that exciting….we got a camera! You see, the one we had been using is something around 7 years old and barely functional. As in, it takes about 30 seconds after you press the button for it to actually take the picture. And the pictures weren’t very good. Yeah, it was time for an upgrade.

Now we are no photography experts. In fact, we are beyond novices. Chris and I are both artistic in lots of other ways, but photography is not a strong suit. Nor do we know the first thing about operating a manual camera (though we were tempted by the digital SLR’s). So, here’s the verdict: we need a camera, it needs to be cheap, and it needs to take half decent pictures without any real help from us.

Enter: the Nikon Coolpix L110


Not only does it meet our basic requirements but it actually allows you to change a few settings manually on it and has 15x superzoom. Sweet. And the best part? It cost a whopping $230 (on sale at Best Buy). Oh, yes.

So, what I’m saying is, expect some more pretty (I hope!) pictures on this site….which means more regular updating. I need accountability people! I have so much to update on that it’s overwhelming.

So I will leave you with a hint of what we spent 15 hours doing last weekend, and entire week prepping before that.


Yes, my heel has been brown since Saturday.


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the new camera! That’s a pretty good deal, too…

    And I’m completely lost when it comes to your brown heel. Staining? Grout? Tiling? Hmm.


  2. Oh I will be checking your blog regularly for photos of your finished bathroom, whole house tiling project, and your outdoorsy things. 🙂

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