We closed on our very first house one year ago tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s been one whole year already. We have learned so incredibly much in that year. Before this house I had never painted a room, torn down a wall, tiled a floor, chopped down a tree, and a gazillion other things that we’ve done to this house. I had hardly any confidence in myself to begin a project and had no idea what I was doing half the time. Ok, so I still don’t know what I’m doing, but at least I’m no longer afraid to forge ahead through the muddy waters to making my vision for the house come to life.

It’s amazing how we started out with a list of 30ish things we wanted to get done and now it’s at least doubled, even as we check things off of it. I wonder if it’ll ever be completely done. I’m thinking not…and that’s good, cause I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t always crazily working on a project…or 2…or 3…ok, so we are in the midst of 5 big projects right now. That’s normal though, right?


You’ve come a long way, old friend. And you still have a long way to go. Happy House-iversary!


All the small things

Thanks to This Fresh Fossil for awarding me my first ever blog award! Go check our her blog if you get the chance, it’s amazing!

Well, I haven’t been posting very much lately, but we have managed to get a few things done around the house! We are trying to prep the house to get ready to tile 800 sq ft of the house (I know!) in May, so we’re trying to finish up the bathroom and wrap up a lot of small projects before we hit this major redo.

Here’s a photo of the tile we are going to use. We will be laying it in the entryway, hallway, front living room, dining room, and kitchen (which are all connected). The tile was $1.58/sq ft which is a steal considering it is 16×16 porcelain.


We also ordered new carpet (the same frieze that we laid in the family room and master bedroom a year ago) for the 2nd and 3rd bedroom – to be installed once we finish tiling. Once we are done with all that (probably mid June), we will have replaced every single square foot of flooring in our house. Is that ridiculous or what? I’m in shock that it’ll all be done just slightly over a year after getting our house. I knew it would all need to be replaced, but I assumed it would happen over a 5 year-ish period. I’ll be sooo happy when it’s all done! Tiling is not my favorite work…but it really does pay off.

Anyway, back on topic.  Here are a few small projects that we have knocked out recently.

See this banister?


 Yeah, it’s been on the list to take down since we bought the house. Well, in a sudden moment of inspiration, I finally got to it the other day.


If I look super tired and strangely mismatched, that’s because I was. The inspiration hit me as I was waking up from a nap. This happens a lot…

Here’s the banister mostly out.


And here it is completely gone!



Watch out visitors!  A couple of steps to the left after entering our house will send you in a free fall down a whole… 10 inches! Gosh, so glad that banister was there to keep people safe before! But you know us Vincents, always the risky ones. I’m sure we will make do just fine without it. 🙂

Another project I have been putting off for a long time is replacing the doorknobs in our house. We actually bought the doorknobs about 6 months ago, but never got around to installing them. Here are some before pictures of our doorknobs.



All I had to do was remove the old doorknob by unscrewing a couple of screws and pulling it out of the door. Then, on most doors, I had to take a chisel and mallet chisel and chisel out a square for the new door latch to fit in (most of our old doorknobs just had round latches).


This was actually amazingly easy. Then it was as simple as putting the new doorknob in place and screwing it in.


Much better!

I’ve also started refinishing the $50 piano we bought a year ago.


Yeah, it’s been sitting there looking like that for a year!

In other news, all the daffodils I planted last fall are starting to bloom! Nothing says spring to me quite like daffodils.



We also started some seedlings in our garage for the gigantic veggie garden we are planning. All we did was take a few old egg crates, plant a few seeds in topsoil in each space, and put a light over it with plastic on top to keep them warm. They are coming up very nicely!

Oh, and just in case we forgot that it was spring when we were inside, this guy decided to pay us a visit and remind us that it is bug season once again…


Disgusting. And yes, I did make Chris get out of bed to catch the monster…he was huge!

We are still slowly but surely making progress on the bathroom. I should have an update for everyone soon on the progress!

This weekend we have big plans to install a new door (complete with a giant dog door for Penelope) in the garage, get started on building the raised garden in the backyard, and finish off the shelving in the bathroom. Plus, we have to watch the Final Four on Saturday night…go Bulldogs! That’s the second time this year that an Indy team has made it into a major sports playoff. So much more exciting than living in Missouri!

And a gratuitous picture of Chris and sweet little Mongo in the spirit of Easter weekend.


Have a blessed Easter – and don’t forget about the real reason we celebrate (hint: it has nothing to do with bunnies)!