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Homeland Security


We did a few non-decor related updates in our house recently. A couple weeks ago, our truck was broken into in the middle of the night. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything expensive in the truck, but it made us realize how vulnerable we are in our house during the night (and all the time). So, we added some security features to our house.

One thing that has been bugging me since day 1 is not having a peephole in our door. The window from our front living room isn’t angled in a way to be able to see our porch, and, when someone came to our front door, we couldn’t see who it was. So, the next day after the break-in, we headed to our second home (Menards) and grabbed a peephole for $8. About half an hour later, it was installed. All you have to do is grab the correct size drill bit (it should tell you on the package what size you need), find the horizontal center of your door at eye-level (most instructions I read suggested to install the peephole at a 5 foot hight for a universal eye-level fit), and drill a straight hole through your door.


 Then, it’s as simple as putting one piece of the peephole on either side and snapping them together. Sooo easy and cheap! And now we feel that much safer.


The second security update was adding door alarms to our 3 exterior doors. While not the most attractive update, we barely noticed them anymore after a few days and the payoff is definitely worth it. We found some pretty good, coded door alarms for $12 at Wal-Mart. They came with double-side mounting tape, so that you can install them wherever you want on the door. Then all you have to do is set the code, and remember to turn it off within the 30 second time limit when you come in the door. We might have forgotten a few times, even though it beeps to remind you, and temporarily gone deaf. But it is nice knowing that anyone that decided to come into our house uninvited would also temporarily go deaf and not know the code to make the horribleness stop.




So that’s a little peek into what we’ve been up to lately. Anyone else making a few changes around the house to feel safer?

6 Responses

  1. Oh no! So sorry about your truck. Do you have a motion light in that area to help with security?

    The peephole and door alarms are good ideas, too. I wish we had known about the 12$ door alarms from Wal-Mart, soon after we moved in we decided to get and install an alarm system. It wasn’t cheap, and we have to pay the monthly fee for the monitoring service. 😦 Although on the bright side, having even just the sign in the front yard makes us feel a little safer (possibly you guys could think about that, too? You might could find one somewhere for a couple bucks…). Even though it’s a bit expensive for us, we were/are glad we got the system because a few months ago our neighbor across the street’s house got broken into, and we think the burglars were checking out our house, too. Scary!

    As an extra precaution, we also created something to put in the sides of the windows to make them impossible to open from the outside (we did this in college. Our college was in a very bad part of town…). They are stiff, sturdy metal pipes with rubber stoppers on the end, and aren’t too expensive. We just prop them inside all the windows and they make it impossible to open (unless you remove the metal things, of course!). I think they might’ve been 3 or 4 dollars per window, the supplies can be found at a home improvement store.

    Stay safe, you guys!

    • Oh those window locks sound like a great idea! We looked in to getting an alarm system installed but we weren’t ready to make that kind of committment to a monthly fee yet, so these are our fix until we decide what we want to do permanently. I know there are some self- monitoring systems out there that you don’t pay a monthly fee for- they just e-mail or text you if anything gets triggered, as well as set off an alarm.
      We actually have the most brightly lit house on the street, so it was crazy to us that they chose to break in to our truck. And we live in one of the safest neighborhoods in Indy! I love your idea to put a sign in the front yard though. That would surely scare most people off!

  2. I locked my door when i left the house for the first time since we moved here… it made me feel safer!

  3. Kyle and I decided after I saw a swat truck w/ 20 armed guys hanging off of it and rolling into our neighborhood at night w/ it’s lights off that it’s probably best to just foreclose on our home then wait and get murdered here while our house makes up the $120,000 we’ve lost on it. Other than that I’ve got an obnoxious dog who only bits and destroys things she is not suppose to. . . I seriously doubt she’d eat someone if they tried to break into my house. . . not that she could get at them even if they did, because we have to keep her and Lucious locked in a kennel while we are gone because our dumb security system doesn’t know what to do when one of the dogs jumps, and so it sends a faulty alarm to the police station and gets us fined $40!
    We’ve got a bar across the back sliding door – it might keep people out, but, they’d probably rather just break the window again like they did last time. . . .
    Hmmm. . . . what else can I complain about? . . . I think I’m out.
    I guess on the bright side, our house has been “safe” since we put the sign up in the front yard w/ our security systems name on it.

  4. Wow – that is crazy that you guys still got burglared (is that a word?) being the brightest house on the block! Let me know if you want more info on our homemade window security features. And I think the sign in the yard might be a good idea? I definitely understand the whole monthy-commitment thing. We had many discussions over that same thing before we agreed on it, because it’s expensive! And we hate monthly fees.. lol we don’t even have cable. 🙂 Anyways, in the end it’s all about what you are comfortable with in securing your home, and what makes you feel safe. I think everyone is different there – my grandma used to have an electronic barking dog door alarm. It sounded convincing until the batteries started to go… then the “dog” just sounded like it was dying, lol. Okay, enough rambling, good luck with your home security improvements – I hope they help keep the burglars away!

  5. Our security system includes 50 year old windows that are pretty much stuck shut, 2 very large dogs who look intimidating, and deadbolts. 🙂

    I’m glad you opted for the standard 5 ft high peephole. I’ve lived in apartments that have ignored that standard and at 5’2″ I couldn’t see out.

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