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I hadn’t thought much about labeling my decorating style before we bought our house last year. When I was trying to categorize it, I kept coming back to modern + rustic (which Chris then labeled “mustic”). I have always loved modern, clean-lined furniture with rustic, woodsy accents.

Since then, I have taken so many quizzes to “define my decorating style.” From ‘worldly’ to ‘earthy’ to ‘modern,’ I always found the answers to be decently correct and never surprising. That is, until last week, when I took the quiz in the new issue of Real Simple. It rocked my (decorating) world. But before I tell you my results, you take the quiz.

Start by (mentally) circling the items on this page that you are naturally drawn to. Don’t take a lot of time to think about it, but remember which ones you liked.


Now that you’re done with that, look back through the items that you like and count how many of those items were A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s. Now read your results…






What’dja think? Was it right on? Obvious? Shocking? Mind-blowing? Shockingly mind-blowing? Mine was.

I had 4 C’s and 2 A’s.

That’s right – I am a Cozy Casual. I could have easily said it was wrong about me…but then I looked at the picture of the Cozy Casual room and fell in love. If there was a way to transport that room into my living room, teddy bear and all, I would. Plus, Crate and Barrel is my favorite store and it’s right there on the Cozy Casual shopping list.

My #2 style is Sophisticated Classic. Makes sense…I have been obsessed with tufted furniture lately.

 I definitely thought that I would be more along the Modern Graphic line with this quiz, but I actually didn’t find that room very appealing at all. Sure, it looks great, but it’s not a style I would implement in my own home. I feel like an entire part of me that I didn’t know existed just unveiled itself to me. But I now have full confidence in what I love. And I can totally see a birch candle or two and a rustic tree trunk, glass-topped coffee table fitting right in that room. And Yoshi can replace the teddy bear.

My entire decorating style identity has been shaken…

3 Responses

  1. Hmmm… I took it and found that I liked something from every section, haha! I think I must have been focusing more on the bright greens and oranges, because everything I picked out had those colors in some way or another. I guess my style is just an eclectic blend of everything! 🙂

  2. I had 4 c’s. 2 b’s, 1 a & 1 d. I love the cozy casual room but it makes me wish our lifestyle was white furniture friendly.

    I like the sophisticated classic and vintage eclectic, too. I’d have to say the modern graphic photos is the one I least identify with, but the quiz says differently.

  3. I’m a mix of A and D… which don’t seem to cross :). This is a really fun way of doing a quiz though. Thanks for sharing!

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