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I don’t know how cold it is where you are at, but here in the Hoosier state it is COLD!

*Side note: does anyone else think it’s funny that Indiana is called the Hoosier state? And that they are proud of it?! Chris and I laughed every time we heard someone call themselves a Hoosier for the first several months we lived here. Ridiculous!

Anyway, we installed a programmable thermostat right after Christmas to help save on heating costs. Now it’s a little bit warmer (we still keep it at 65, people) when we get home, while it can stay ice-age cold – just above pipe freezing temps- during the day. Global warming, where did you go?!

Life has just gotten colder since we started our bathroom reno. We reglazed our toilet Monday night and have had to stay out of our bedroom this week due to the massive amount of fumes the glaze lets off while it dries, even with the exhaust fan running and the bathroom door closed. So we have been sleeping in one of the guest bedrooms with fewer covers and our heads by the window, brrr! So, whenever I want to feel warmer, I look at this:


I only look because I can’t buy. We’re talking major buck-os here. But even looking helps. Doesn’t it look soooo warm and cozy?! Even this throw looks amazing.


Who would need a snuggie when you have that? Maybe I should take up knitting. And come across 100 skeins of free, soft, white yarn…


Mmmmm. Makes me want to cuddle up and read a book by our (non-existent) fireplace.  Maybe next year we will have a real fireplace, then I really will be warmer.

But for now, I’ll just use Yoshi. He’s just as snuggly as a cable knit throw, and definitely lets off as much heat as a fireplace.


Plus, he matches our new carpet perfectly. Anyone else plan their decor around their pets? Just kidding! Not THAT obsessed….yet…

*Images found here and here.

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  1. Not purposefully, but the dogs and cat match our couch (and pillows!) perfectly. I don’t really know how that worked out.

    The cable knit bedding looks comfy. I’d just want to know it won’t stretch funny, like saggy armpits of a sweater.

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