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Let there be light (fixtures)!


I have been wanting to replace the light fixtures in our entryway and hallway for quite some time. This last weekend we finally got around to it!

I forgot to take a before picture of the entryway, but here is a photo of the entryway (and light fixture) before we moved into the house.


Yeah, not too attractive. I went on a hunt for a couple months to find a cute, but affordable light fixture and came up with a white bamboo pendant from CB2. Chris says it looks like a UFO, but in a good way.

But, when we got it in the mail, we realized that it is not a ceiling fixture but rather an wall outlet fixture. Thankfully, I had read a post from YHL on how they had a similar situation with a West Elm pendant and how they converted it to use it as a ceiling fixture. So, all we had to do was snip the cord, split apart the 3 wires inside the cord, and hook them up the same way you would do with a normal fixture. Oh, and we had to buy a ceiling mount so that the pendant had something to hang from and so it didn’t just go into a big hole in the ceiling.



And a close-up.


Isn’t it great? I love it. But, the hallway still looked like this.




Now that the light fixture in the entryway is beautified, this one just looked that much worse. So we had to come up with a cheap solution, fast! I’m talking a couple bucks here. The first idea was to invert a lampshade and hang it from the ceiling, much like Young House Love did. But when I couldn’t find the drum shade I wanted at Christmas Tree Shops for $2.99 (I’d bought one there before), I had to think of different options. I was starting to feel gloomy, like I was going to have to break down and buy an actual light fixture, when we passed  by a display of bamboo bowls on sale for $1.99. I had pointed them out before, thinking they were cute, but Chris and I couldn’t come up with a good use for them so we hadn’t picked one up. But this time when we passed by, Chris picked it up and (kind of jokingly) said, “Let’s just drill a hole in the bottom of this and use it.” Brilliant! So we bought it, ran to Menards for a 99 cent ceiling lampholder part and, within an hour, had it hung.


Here’s what we did…

First we checked to make sure the bowl would be long enough to cover the light bulb sufficiently. The last thing we would want is the bulb poking out the bottom and blinding anyone trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night!


After that checked out, it was down to business.

We measured how big the hole needed to be in the bottom of the bowl, then drilled away til it looked something like this.


Then we drilled 2 holes through the bottom of the bowl and the lampholder to attach them with screws.



Then it was just attaching the lampholder to the ceiling, and wha-la! A brand new fixture for a total of $2.99.



And that’s how we gave two areas of our home a lot of pretty for a little bit of dough.

3 Responses

  1. just came across your blog (via TYH) and I am loving it!!


  2. Found your blog through the comment section of YHL.. we too are fellow renovators & love it! Just wanted to say how creative & innovative your bamboo light is! Great work! We’re always looking for budget-friendly solutions to achieve the aesthetic we’re going for… 😉 Best wishes as you continue your house projects.

  3. Ok, I also just stumbled across your blog from the comments section of YHL and I’m totally in love (and awe!) with your bowl turned hallway light. Way to think outside the box!!

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