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Bathroom reno: the plan

We started our master bath renovation over the weekend. Before I reveal what our plan for the bathroom is, here are a few “before” shots. Shield your eyes…




These pictures were taken when we closed on the house. But the after isn’t much better…


It’s like a beige heaven. Like all color was stripped from the world when you enter our bathroom. All we did was paint the trim, gave it a new neutral wall color, and replaced the wooden toilet seat (seriously?!). Yeah, still a lot to be done. But, it at least made it manageable for me to get ready in the morning without gagging.

Alas, the time has come for the big remodel! Ok, it’s really not that extensive, but it’ll make a huge difference (we hope!). Here’s the plan: Knock out strange doorway in between sink and showering area (you can see it in the first photo), re-stain the cabinets using Polystain (thanks Bower Power!), rip up the vinyl flooring, put down marble tiles, add cabinet hardware, make a frame for the mirror, replace the light fixture, replace the medicine cabinet with open shelving, paint, and make a new concrete countertop. Sounds like a lot, but thankfully most of it should go pretty quickly. The concrete countertop will be the most grueling part (and the biggest learning curve), and it has to wait until spring so we can grind and buff it outside.

Here are some photos I am using for inspiration:


This is the overall feel I am going for in the bathroom.


This is an example of the type of countertop/sink we are going to make. It will be one long, rectangular sink with two faucets. Our cabinet space is not that wide, so we will have to use single lever/single hole faucets instead of a 3 hole one.

And for those of you who are unsure what a concrete countertop would look like, here are a few examples.



Concrete is great because it is so versatile. You can stain it to pretty much any color, it wears well, doesn’t stain easily once you seal it, and can look AMAZING. Plus, it is the only type of countertop other than solid surface that you can use integrated sinks, because you can mold whatever shape you want out of it. Oh, and did I mention it’s cheap? Cause it’s CHEAP! Granted, if you pay a professional to do it, it will cost a pretty penny because it is a very time-consuming process to make, but to do it yourself the cost for materials is minimal. More on that later as we unpack the details of how we are going to make the countertop. On to the details…


This is the faucet that we are using. We scored two of them at Menards (our fav hardware store) last weekend on sale and wound up saving around $50 on each. WooHoo!

This is the marble tile we are laying. We got it on super sale at Lowe’s for $1.48/sq ft!


This is the new vanity light we bought to replace that ugly wood bath bar light.


It won’t look just like this, but this is an example of the concept for our shelving that we are adding above the toilet. There will be  more functional shelf space for storage (since we don’t have a linen closet), but it will follow the same sort of random, boxy design.


I am on the prowl for a few glass bathroom canisters like these for storage on the shelves.


And here are the canisters I bought at Goodwill last weekend for storing the not-really-openly-displayable toiletries.

So that’s the gist of it.  Let the transformation begin!

7 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product! And thanks for the link love 🙂

    XO – Katie Bower

  2. Amy and Chris,
    You guys are so cool and we miss you. This is the coolest blog ever. Hope you guys and your pups are doing well!

  3. Walmart actually has some cute glass canisters. . . and they are cheap

  4. I almost did concrete countertops but got all discombobulated when trying to figure how to set everything up and get it to come out right. My perfectionism tends to feed off my obsession with having everything figured out in my head with no questions left ahead of time and then grows into a horrendous psychological brain-eating death robot of doubt and confusion. I am much more at home with carpentry, hence the cheap(ish), but not-so-durable pine countertops.
    I hope to vampirishly suck confidence with concrete from your blog for future counter-topping urges.

    • I will make sure to do a step-by-step for concrete countertops after we make them. The bathroom is the test-run- hopefully we will be doing the kitchen this year as well!

  5. Hi Amy! It’s Lindsay (fellow bridesmaid for Christine since I’m not using a last name)… Anyway, I have those white canisters. I was looking for something new to make the kitchen look a little better since they were getting on my nerves. After epic failure trying to find something workable and affordable, I finally spray painted them blue and brown. Now I get compliments all the time on them, so if they aren’t what you want, that’s an option! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner. You may have already since you do stuff like that all the time, but if not… That’s all.

    • That’s a great idea! I might have to try it out once I get it all put together…
      Finally found some glass canisters last night at Christmas Tree Shops…for $2.99 apiece!

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