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Thanksgiving Checklist- Results

I’m  back with the results of what we managed to get done before our house gets overstuffed for Thanksgiving.

1. Caulk bathrooms  CHECK

2. Caulk windowsills  CHECK

3. Paint windowsills  CHECK

4. Clean garage  CHECK (at least to Chris’s standards…maybe not mine, but we’ll let that slide for now)

5. Clean house  CHECK

6. Clean out cars  CHECK

7. Finish closing the pool (yes, we realize we are a little behind schedule here)  CHECK

8. Decorate Christmas tree (more to come on that later)  CHECK (this actually happened after my sister came, but it was fun decorating it with her!)

9. Re-seal bathroom countertop  CHECK

10. Buy fish for fish tank  CHECK

11. Fix truck (It only starts after 2 or 3 cranks) FAIL- haven’t even attempted…

12. Hang blinds in living room  CHECK

13. Hang pictures around the house  CHECK

14. Install cabinet knobs on kitchen cabinets  CHECK

15. Make baby shower invitations for Hilary’s baby shower  CHECK

16. Spray paint lamp  CHECK

17. Paint touchups around house  CHECK

18. Pick up poo (ewwww. But even grosser when you step in it.)  CHECK (we got an entire 5 gallon bucket full. nasty!)

19. Plan meals for Thanksgiving weekend  CHECK

20. Buy/set up console table under window for plants  CHECK

21. Replace outdoor light fixture  CHECK

22. Take books out of storage and stock in new bookshelf  CHECK

23. Refinish and wax kitchen cabinets  FAIL- Chris and I are currently debating whether we should just lightly sand and re-polyurethane them, or should completely sand and stain a chocolate brown. So, this project is on hold for the time being.

All in all, I’m very pleased with how much we got done. We worked like mad dogs for 2 weeks straight, but our house looks much better for it! Now it’s on to cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 20ish people…!

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  1. Impressive!

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