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O Christmas Tree…in November?

A couple weeks ago I bought our very first house-sized Christmas tree. Before that we just had the dorm room-sized one…

Anyway, Chris thought it was ridiculous to buy a tree this year, since we are going to be gone for a week over Christmas, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of our first Christmas in our first house with no tree. So I convinced him that buying a fake one off of Craigslist was a great idea, since it’s cheap and we can use it year after year. $40 later, I have a tree sitting in our living room. The people who sold me the tree did not want to break it down or take the lights off.

Sidenote: We have no storage space in our house. If we want to store something, we have to break it down to bite-sized pieces and put it in the attic.

So, I decided that rather than store it, we would just start the Christmas season a little early. Ok, really early. So, as any Christmas fanatic does, I immediately started planning a theme for the tree. If we’re putting up premature Christmas decorations, they at least need to look good! No way am I having my entire family here for Thanksgiving and having a lit up, undecorated tree sitting in the corner. Thankfully, it seems that the retail industry has sympathy on us crazy Christmas fiends and immediately stock their Christmas goods as soon as the last kid on the block says “trick or treat.”

Of course I can’t be spending a lot of buckaroos on having a perfectly themed tree with gorgeous crystal ornaments. I had to find a way to do this cheap…and I’ve come up with a couple solutions.

1. Find items in nature (such as pinecones) and hot glue ornament hangers on them. Since I’m going for a “natural” theme on the tree with whites, greens, and browns, this works perfectly for me.

2. Buy things out of the ordinary and turn them into ornaments.

3.  Buy a bulkload of classic ornaments on the cheap! I got these ornaments from Target- 69 for $19.99. Turns out to be about 40 cents apiece. Fits well within my under $1 per ornament rule.


Anyone else have ideas for doing a classy, themed Christmas tree on the cheap? I’m also making my own tree topper…a post on that to follow.

2 Responses

  1. Those Target ornaments are really cute! Ever think about origami as ornaments?

  2. Great idea! I bet you could do all kinds of Christmas themed ones in white paper and it would turn out really cute.

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