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Pre-Thanksgiving projects

This year we decided that it would be fun to host Thanksgiving at our house. It sounded like a great idea at the time…no traveling for us, getting to use our new house for entertaining, and, most importantly, not having to find someone to watch the dogs. Our little family holiday quickly spread to having 18 people (and 4 dogs) for Thanksgiving, and 10 of them are staying with us! I love entertaining, so no problem there, but I quickly realized how much I want to get done before then…which is now only a little over two weeks away. Yikes! So here’s the breakdown of my to-do before Thanksgiving list!

1. Caulk bathrooms

2. Caulk windowsills

3. Paint windowsills

4. Clean garage

5. Clean house

6. Clean out cars

7. Finish closing the pool (yes, we realize we are a little behind schedule here)

8. Decorate Christmas tree (more to come on that later)

9. Re-seal bathroom countertop

10. Buy fish for fish tank

11. Fix truck (It only starts after 2 or 3 cranks)

12. Hang blinds in living room

13. Hang pictures around the house

14. Install cabinet knobs on kitchen cabinets

15. Make baby shower invitations for Hilary’s baby shower

16. Spray paint lamp

17. Paint touchups around house

18. Pick up poo (ewwww. But even grosser when you step in it.)

19. Plan meals for Thanksgiving weekend

20. Buy/set up console table under window for plants

21. Replace outdoor light fixture

22. Take books out of storage and stock in new bookshelf

23. Refinish and wax kitchen cabinets

How much of that do you think I’ll get done? I’m aiming for all of it, but that seems pretty lofty…

Since we made this list we’ve gotten 7, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, and 21 done. Just 16 more to go!

3 Responses

  1. Definitely ambitious but I know with any list if you are determined there is always a way to get it done. Besides, I always find that making a list of things to do actually motivates me to get more down on that list than I would have had I not taken the time to make the list in the first place. I did that a few weekends ago and felt so accomplished even though I didn’t get everything done!

    P.S. welcome to the blogging world! I recently started myself and am not very consistent with posting, but I was thrilled to pieces when I got 40 visits in a day after only having 4-5 a week maybe, haha, I guess it comes with time – either way its a blast!

  2. Thanks Katy! We are excited to start blogging. Glad to know a fellow ambitious list-user is out there!

  3. Very Ambitious List, but young and in your first house, very likely. When I bought my house 11 years ago, I got tons of projects done quickly. Now, it seems like it takes 2X as long to get things done. Can’t decide if it’s age or if all the projects have just worn me down over time!! Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving.

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